He Loves Leftovers Too.

You name it, said Lisa Leigh Bennett, marketing and public relations. We grow acorn, delicata, carnival, spaghetti, butternut and kabocha squash, which people think is a pumpkin, and they buy it for decoration. I tell them, When youre done, you can cook it with it. Squash recipes abound in the farms own cookbook filled with family favorites. A lot of people are very intimidated by squash, but its so easy to do, she stressed. Its just comfort food, Bennett described. The summer squash is great because its fresh and light, but when the temperatures get cooler, you want something more substantial. Its the taste of fall, agreed Dan Heckler of Jacks Farm in Pottstown. Its good for you. It fills you up. It looks good sitting on your counter. He grows five varieties because each one is distinctive, different in texture and flavor, ranging from kabocha with its super squash flavor to mild delicata. I actually like the delicatas, Heckler revealed. My wife will cut them in half and shell stuff them with whatevers in the fridge at the time. He loves leftovers too. We eat them cold like sandwiches, Heckler said. Ill eat them for breakfast. Another delicata fan: Larry Tse of Longview Farm in Collegeville. Its super easy, he explained. It has really sweet flavor too. Delicatas seem to be becoming a lot more popular, added the farm manager, who shared a recipe for Northern Spy kale salad with delicata squash from his restaurant days in New York City. The lemon juice in the vinaigrette breaks down the kale and makes it really tender, Tse noted. Its one of these kale salads that converts you if you dont like kale salad Trust me on that one. One last thing when talking squash this time of year: Ever notice some people say, winter squash and some call them fall? A squash by any other name is still the same, right? Heckler said with a laugh. Spaghetti Squash Alfredo 1 cups freshly grated Parmesan cup chopped fresh parsley leaves Fresh basil leaves Grape or cherry tomatoes, sliced in half Instructions Slice spaghetti squash in half lengthwise. Scoop out the seeds with a spoon and clean as you would a pumpkin. Completely submerge at a time in a large pot of boiling water and cook for about 20 minutes until the inside is just tender to a fork and pulls apart in strands. (Cooks note: It is better to undercook if youre not sure.) Remove, drain and cool with cold water or ice bath to stop the cooking. Scoop out the cooked squash from its skin with a spoon. Use a fork to fluff and separate the squash into spaghetti-like strands. Reserve the separated cooked squash and dip with a strainer into boiling water to reheat just before serving. Melt half the butter in a medium saucepan over medium-high heat.

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In All, They Plan To Use About 150 Pounds Of Candy For The Piece.

“We’re using brown Twizzlers for the trunk and green apple flavor for the needles, which will be sparse,” she said. In all, they plan to use about 150 pounds of candy for the piece. Visitors can also expect to see Snoopy as the Flying Ace, Lucy’s “The Doctor Is In” stand and Schroeder’s piano. Macy’s isn’t the only Salt Lake City business offering a window display. Grand America Hotel will depict 17 Christmas carols for its “Songs of the Season” installation created by Utah artists and designers. That display will be unveiled Nov. 24. After the opening, guests can take a holiday stroll through the hotel Sundays-Thursdays, 4 to 9 p.m., and Fridays-Saturdays, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Once the Macy’s unveiling takes place, visitors can see the display any time although most families prefer evenings when the twinkling lights are at their best. This will be the fourth year that Macy’s has created the candy window display, part of a tradition that dates to the 1970s, when the Main Street spot housed ZCMI. When Macy’s opened as part of City Creek Center, store officials “heard over and over about the candy window displays,” said Chad Young, the store’s visual manager. “We thought it was important to bring it back.” This year, Utah artists were asked to follow the Charlie Brown theme, Young said, adding that Macy’s stores across the country are featuring Peanuts displays as part of the 65th anniversary of the Charles M. Schulz characters. Brian Johnson is the only repeat artist. One ornament will be created by students in Salt Lake Community College’s Visual Merchandising Program. They are led by instructor Matt Monson. Zach Albrecht, a graphic designer and interior design student at The Arts Institute, is excited to create one of the candy ornaments for the Macy’s display.

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No Mention Of Thanksgiving.

Louise Plachta I have heard that several communities in Michigan have put Halloween leftover treats to good use. In one downstate community, the police department collects the goodies, packages them and sends them to our troops overseas. Greenville High School students do the same thing. I propose that those gifts make an unexpected good day for those away from home and Halloween. I thought that Thanksgiving is (should be) the next holiday to be celebrated but apparently it isnt. Instead, advertisements already urge us to consider Black Friday sales. No mention of Thanksgiving. What happened to the festive get-togethers we once enjoyed? The holiday that didnt demand gift-giving or elaborate decorating, but invited simple, pleasurable companionship around a table that engendered happy, sometimes loud, conversation, sibling teasing, turkey and all the trimmings (or other entrees), around the dining-room table? Have we become so busy, so materialistic that we dont take time to stop and smell the apple or pumpkin pie? Instead, stores are open and employees are stacking holiday merchandise, getting for the 4 a.m. or earlier rush of bargain hunters on the day after Thanksgiving. I ask again: What happened to Thanksgiving? About this time in November I re-read, for the nth time, O. Henrys Two Thanksgiving Day Gentlemen, a short story of misdirected charity, with an unexpected ending. Written in the style of the 1930s, it is still for me, on the level of Gift of the Magi or Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus that I resurrect from my collection and read during the Christmas season. 11, Veterans Day, is what certain-agers remember as Armistice Day. As youngsters, we stood, or sat quietly at our classroom desks, at 11 a.m. on Armistice Day, for a moment of silence. This was our way of commemorating the signing of the armistice between the Allies of World War I and Germany at Compienge, France, for cessation of hostilities on the Western Front. We continue to observe the day, now known as Veterans Day, to honor members of our armed forces who have been killed during and since The War to end all Wars. With your indulgence, I offer an excerpt of a prayer, written by Father Austin Fleming (Give Us this Day November 2015): Prayer for Veterans We pray for those who have served our nation and who laid down their lives to protect and defend our freedom. We pray for those who have fought, whose spirits and bodies are scarred by war, whose nights are haunted by memories too painful for the light of day. We pray for those who serve us now, especially for those in harms way. Shield them from danger Turn the hearts and minds of our leaders and our enemies to the work of justice and a harvest of peace. I suggest that displaying our flags Wednesday would be a visible demonstration of honor, remembrance, and thanksgiving that are due to those who have fought, and who continue to fight, for our freedoms. The trees, for the most part, have shed their fall finery and have laid for us a multi-colored carpet of rusts, golds, and reds. As we commence the season of sweatshirts, jackets and gloves, lets help make a good day for someone who could use an extra hand raking the remnants of a beautiful autumn.

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Each Week, Five Grand Prize Winners Will Receive 100lbs Of Assorted Brookside Chocolates.

of Brookside Chocolates to share with family and friends. Visit www.100lbsofbrookside.com for full details. Brookside will deliver in total – nearly one ton of “The best slash worst thing that’s ever happened to me.” (@JenniferVills) chocolates to lucky fans over the course of three weeks. Each day of the sweepstakes, three entrants will be randomly selected to receive a 2lb bag of Brookside Chocolates. Each week, five grand prize winners will receive 100lbs of assorted Brookside Chocolates. *Dramatization. Not actual weight. Chris B. received 100 lbs. of assorted Brookside Chocolates. How it Works: Now through November 22, 2015, Brookside is asking fans to tell them what they would do for their own 100 lb. bag of BROOKSIDE chocolate. Fans are encouraged to respond as creatively as possible via Twitter by following @BROOKSIDE_Choc and using hashtag #100lbsofBROOKSIDE #sweepstakes, or by posting on Instagram, Vine or Tumblr for the chance to have 100 lbs. of Brookside delivered to their door. The winning entries will receive a variety of Brookside products including: Brookside Dark Chocolate Acai & Blueberry Flavors Brookside Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Flavor Brookside Dark Chocolate Goji & Raspberry Flavors Brookside Dark Chocolate Crunchy Clusters Berry Medley Flavors For more information, visit www.100lbsofbrookside.com . About Hershey The Hershey Company, headquartered in Hershey, Pa., is a global confectionery leader known for bringing goodness to the world through its chocolate, sweets, mints and other great-tasting snacks. Hershey has approximately 22,000 employees around the world who work every day to deliver delicious, quality products. The company has more than 80 brands around the world that drive more than $7.4 billion in annual revenues, including such iconic brand names as Hershey’s, Reese’s, Hershey’s Kisses, Jolly Rancher, Ice Breakers and Brookside.Building on its core business, Hershey isexpanding its portfolio to include a broader range of delicious snacks. The companyremainsfocused on growing its presence in key international markets while continuing to extend its competitive advantage in North America. At Hershey, goodness has always been about more than delicious products. For more than120 years, Hershey has been committed tooperating fairly, ethically and sustainably. Hershey founder, Milton Hershey, created the Milton Hershey School in 1909 and since then the company has focused on giving underserved children the skills and support they need to be successful. Today, the company continues this social purpose through ‘Nourishing Minds,’a global initiative that provides basicnutrition to help children learn and grow.

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<p>30, 2015 /prnewswire/ — Hot Chocolate 15k/5k Series Is Back For The 2015-2016 Season Buffalo Grove,ill., Oct.

30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Hot Chocolate 15k/5k Series is back for the 2015-2016 Season BUFFALO GROVE,Ill., Oct. 30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — The popular nationwide Hot Chocolate 15k/5k Series is bringing its chocolaty goodness to cities across the nation for another race season. Known for its incredible post-race party and goodie bag, the Hot Chocolate Series is back with even more surprises. The 2015-2016 goodie bag includes a luxurious, fleece-lined full-zip jacket and a reusable drawstring bag. In addition, all 15k finishers will receive a Finisher Medal. The medal is made from metal alloy shaped to resemble a chocolate bar with a city-specific gold plated wrapper. After completing the race, participants can receive a Finisher Mug with a rich dark hot chocolate, fondue and dippable snacks while enjoying a live DJ. The Hot Chocolate 15k/5k season kicks off in Chicago on November 8th. Registration is still open , but will sell out soon. After Chicago, the series heads to Columbus on November 15th and Scottsdale on December 6th. The full schedule of cities and dates can be found: http://www.hotchocolate15k.com/ This year, Hot Chocolate 15k/5k is excited to introduce its partnership with 2XU as the official compression apparel sponsor of the 2015-2016 series. Steve Ginsburg, CEO of RAM Racing, is enthused about the partnership. “I am so excited to pair two of my favorite things, our hot chocolate runners and compression apparel from 2XU. Hot Chocolate is extremely picky about choosing sponsors for our events, as we look for organizations that genuinely serve the active lifestyles of our runners. I have personally relied on 2XU compression and recovery apparel for many years now. The idea of educating our runners with the value of top-tier compression products is incredibly exciting.” The Hot Chocolate Series is the fastest growing 5k and only 15k series in the world. The series is produced by RAM Racing , the nation’s premier race production company based in Chicago that strives to give participants an emotional, unforgettable race experience.

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"even Though He Can't Eat Any Of The Candy, He Loves To Go Around And See All The Kids And Give Out Treats.

Gray Television, Inc. “That’s from your homeroom and that’s from your whole team.” Lakota Fielder’s special education teacher wanted to cheer him up. “They’re all thinking about you.” The 12-year-old is a week into a three-week stay at Omaha’s Children’s Hospital and Medical Center. He’s used to a wheelchair because of his spina bifida, but never this long in a bed. “He never feels sorry for himself,” says Lakota’s mother, Mandy Fielder. “He’s always in good spirits and active, so bed rest is not his thing.” “Where’d the scissors go?” In the background, his Aunt Kelly Fitzgerald worked on his costume and the elaborate props. His mom knows the plan. “It’s sad because he was going to miss Halloween because it’s kind of his holiday and we all look forward to it. I didn’t want him to remember this Halloween as to when he was in the hospital.” Every year, Aunt Kelly and Lakota try to one up the last Halloween outfit. “We always ask him what he wants to be and then we create something around him.” It’s important to her, too. “I’m his sidekick.” One year it was Woody and Buzz Lightyear. “The fireman, the policeman, the UFC fighter, Mariokart,” says Kelly. “Even though he can’t eat any of the candy, he loves to go around and see all the kids and give out treats. And all the kids want to see what he is for the year. I know everyone in the neighborhood will miss him.” Instead, Halloween came to Kota. This year, he’s Alf from the 1980s sitcom he watches on DVD every day, complete with the spaceship and Lucky, the cat. “I adopted Lakota when he was 4,” says mom Mandy. “I wasn’t even looking to adopt. I wasn’t. Kota was a patient that I worked with, where i work, and we just had a bond. Every day, I looked forward to going to work to work with him. I just wanted to give him the best life he could have. It was a joke at first. I’m going to steal you.

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Chocolate Is Good For You, Inside And Out.

RTR3YN6N Reuters/Dave Kaup At least two dozen days each year aredevoted to the celebration of chocolate– National Chocolate Souffle Day, National Chocolate Milkshake Day, or National Nutty Fudge Day among them– but Wednesday is the only day that appears to be solely and purely dedicated to chocolate. In honor of National Chocolate Day, here are facts about thebelovedingredient that offers physical, psychological and emotional benefits — as well as details on how to get your hands on free chocolate. Chocolate has an ancient history. More than 3,000 years ago, the Maya and Aztec peoples made a drink from cocoa beans and sometimes even used the beans themselves as a currency. For the Maya, chocolate was considered the food of the gods, and the cacaotree from which it comes was viewed as sacred, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. An employee of Swiss chocolate producer Lindt & Spruengli controls Lindor chocolate balls at the company’s plant in Kilchberg, Switzerland Sept. 24, 2015. Reuters/Arnd Wiegmann Don’t let its ubiquity in modern times, however, fool you into thinking chocolate-making is easy. Chocolateis made from cocoa beans, harvested from cacao trees. It’s a laborious, time-consuming process that involves roasting and fermenting the beans and grinding them into a liquor. The beans are later transformed into baking chocolate, cocoa powder or, ultimately, eating chocolate. Approximately 400 cocoa beans go into a single pound of chocolate, and it takes anywhere from two to four days to make one bar of chocolate. Chocolate is good for you, inside and out. The benefits of cocoa butter, which is extracted from cocoa beans during processing (what remains of the beans becomes cocoa powder) on skin are well documented — besides being a source of antioxidants, it is gentle on sensitive skin and can also help reduce scarring — while dark chocolate, which is lower in sugar, milk and butter than milk chocolate,has been linked to a loweredrisk of heart disease and stroke. A farmer harvests cocoa fruit at a plantation in Gantarang Keke Village, South Sulawesi, Indonesia May 7, 2015. Reuters/Yusuf Ahmad Ready for the freebies? Here are a few ways you can get sweet deals or score free chocolate: In New York City, Pastry Chef Pierre Poulinfrom the renowned restaurant Aureolewill be offering a free cooking demonstration and give away free chocolate desserts at Bryant Park at 6 p.m. Wednesday. It’s first-come, first-served, and supplies are limited, so get there early. Ethel M. Chocolates is giving away 16-piece nut and caramel collections with orders of more than $50, which is worth $20. If you subscribe to Ethel M.’s email list, you also receive $10 off any purchase, according to Delish.com. Joining Godiva’s Chocolate Rewards Club also gets members a monthly free piece of chocolate, plus other rewards for spending, and right now Godiva also has a deal where it offers 15 percent off any dark chocolate online purchase of $65 or more.Lindthas a similar rewards program , and through Thursday will be offering25 percent off its entire site.

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Favorites Include Tiger Butter, A Mix Of Chocolate, Vanilla And Peanut Putter; Dark Chocolate Sea Salt And Raspberry Cinnamon Crumb Cake.

Tom Plets and Rebecca Acord offer handmade fudge and fresh brewed coffee at Country Charm. Photo by Alexis Bechman . From the sweet smells of chocolate and sugar wafting from the trays of fudge and buckets of candy, to the gifts and decorations including a ceiling billowing with colorful fabric. It is like Willy Wonkas factory with a female touch. On most mornings now there is something new to perk the senses: fresh brewed coffee. After five years in business, Country Charm is now offering fresh brewed coffee to go with its decadent array of fudges. Owner Rebecca Acord is selling coffee roasted by Tom Plets, coffee guru of Dimi Espresso. Youll find drip coffee available every day soon after Acord opens her door. And Accord will rotate among several roasts, including those from Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Panama and Tanzania. Plets roasts all of the beans himself and they are available by the bag in whole beans in various sizes. A cup of drip coffee is $1.95 and cold brew is $3.25. Flavored syrup shots are 50 cents extra. If you missed Plets after he closed Dimi Espresso, you can now catch him working occasionally at Country Charm behind the fudge counter when Accord is off or busy making fudge. Accord makes all of the fudge in house and alternates between more than 100 recipes. Favorites include tiger butter, a mix of chocolate, vanilla and peanut putter; dark chocolate sea salt and raspberry cinnamon crumb cake. New to the cold case are truffles, which come in a dozen flavors. Besides fudge and coffee, Country Charm also offers an array of candy by the pound, flavored popcorns, jellybeans, marshmallow pops and gifts. I am really excited to be offering Toms coffee to go with my handmade fudge, Accord said. For more information, call (928) 978-0640. Country Charm, 626 N. Beeline Highway, is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. seven days a week.

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Only One Company In The World Makes Jewelry With Chocolate Diamonds And That Company Is The Le Vian Corporation.

20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Most likely, you have seen the television commercials and magazine ads touting the delicious beauty of Chocolate Diamonds but do you know where they originate? What makes a brown diamond a Chocolate Diamond? And why are they called Chocolate Diamonds? Only one company in the world makes jewelry with Chocolate Diamonds and that company is the Le Vian Corporation. Photo – http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20151019/278215 Learn more about Chocolate Diamonds: http://levian.com/chocolatediamond/ The story begins at the start of the new millennium when Eddie LeVian, designer and CEO, caught a glimpse at the limited quantity of rare, natural, fancy color pink and brown diamonds that were coming out of the Argyle mine in the remote reaches of Australia. It was no surprise that the rarity of the pinks was quickly recognized; earning six and seven figure price achievements. The rare brown diamonds, however, were undervalued. “We believe this was mainly due to the bad rap brown diamonds have received for being ‘off color’ or of lesser value,” tells LeVian. “It’s a common misconception in the industry.” While all diamonds mined offer an abundant range of hues and clarity, Le Vian chose as its mission, to search through the highest quality natural fancy color brown diamonds, the top 5% percent, to selectively procure – and brand – the diamonds that met the company’s exacting standards: C4-C7 color range; SI or higher clarity (eye clean); cut to Le Vian’s standards; and responsibly sourced by Le Vian. The fact that the diamonds were found in mainly one mine in Australia was attractive to Le Vian. The diamonds were also in harmony with Le Vian’s efforts in establishing the fashion of fine jewelry with its annual trend forecast and fashion show, which aimed to bring fashion to the diamond and jewelry industry. Why are they called Chocolate Diamonds? The answer to the naming of these rare beauties has also been misinterpreted. Eddie LeVian sets the record straight. “A friend of mine named Bill would call on me after work to chit chat, many times bearing gourmet organic artisan dark chocolate. He touted the magical qualities and health benefits of chocolate if consumed regularly. I became a proud chocoholic!” It is this the understanding of the aphrodisiac qualities of chocolate (the food), the obsession and addiction to chocolate that millions enjoy that inspired Le Vian to brand its natural fancy diamonds as Chocolate Diamonds, not their color. Eventually, by 2009 the US Office of Patent and Trademarks, concurred with Le Vian, that Chocolate Diamonds had achieved distinctiveness as a brand of Le Vian Corporation. In 2014, the brand became incontestable. Today, the brand continues to rise in popularity as one million strong Le Vian followers – a collector base that includes royalty, celebrities, socialites and everyday people have started to appreciate the newest innovative combinations of colors of diamonds, gems and gold in vastly differentiated designs. Le Vian’s rising successes and innovations have been met by some who continue to try to discredit Chocolate Diamonds by holding on to the misconceptions that these are common diamonds, while the reality is that on the entire planet, the production of 20 point or larger Chocolate Diamonds is at less than 30,000 carats per year, thousands of times rarer than the white diamonds. The consumer has shown its understanding of the rarity of these fancy color diamonds, with demand at record highs. While that means that the top red and pink diamonds now go for as much as $3 million a carat, it still means that you can get a Chocolate Diamond solitaire that is thousands of times rarer than a white diamond, for a fraction of the price. About Le Vian Learn more about Le Vian: www.levian.com Le Vian is the jeweler (turned luxury brand) of today and tomorrow, leading the fine jewelry industry on a path to trendsetting stardom with innovative design concepts and deliciously flavored exotic gemstones and diamonds, each revealed in the company’s Red Carpet Revue Trend Forecast held each year in Las Vegas. Le Vian’s historic journey in fine jewelry spans centuries with ties to ancient royalty, its American roots planted in the 1950s. Today, Le Vian is the fashion couture fine jeweler of choice, expertly crafting a perfect union between high style fashion trend forecasting with glamorous handmade fine jewelry designs using rare diamonds and gems. Le Vian attributes its meteoric rise in fine jewelry to its deep passion for finding the most beautiful gems in the world and designing the most innovative, unique looks that bring those gems to life. This sweet combination has resulted in hundreds of red carpet moments each year for many of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities who choose Le Vian’s distinctive jewelry and over one million collectors worldwide who crave Le Vian’s newest trend setting designs. To see the 2016 Red Carpet Revue video: https://www.facebook.com/LeVianJewelry/videos To view Eddie LeVian’s celebrity blog: www.eddielevian.com MEDIA CONTACT:

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First Off, Present It Like A Little Pup Platter With A Treat On Top, Which Gives Them A Positive Association With The Thing, And Doubles As A Smart Way To Trick A Dumb Dog Into Putting On Clothing.

If Storms Freak Your Dog Out, Get Her A Nice Warm Jacket Until the internet told me about the ThunderShirt . Whats a ThunderShirt? A godsend, for starters. Its a snug little coat you Velcro around your dog in order to reduce anxiety. You can get one for $30 or $40 , depending on size, and make sure you have the right size, or it wont work like its supposed to. Its designed to make your pooch feel safe and sound in the event of a storm or a nearby fireworks display; some people use it to treat general anxiety for their dogs, lest Fido consistently need some chill. Theres the Storm Defender , the Original Anxiety Wrap , and the KONG Anxiety-Reducing Pet Shirt , to name just three. Some owners opt for anxiety chews or even vet-prescribed doggy Xanax. Each pooch is different, though all of these shirts and jackets provide basically the same service: They hug your dog tight and make your lil pal feel safe and sound. I went with the ThunderShirt, because thats what the overwhelming majority of dog owners I talked to suggested. So far, so good. Whatever you get, its a pretty simple process, but definitely follow the instructions for once. First off, present it like a little pup platter with a treat on top, which gives them a positive association with the thing, and doubles as a smart way to trick a dumb dog into putting on clothing. Because if theres one things dogs hate, its wearing clothes. And if theres one things dogs love, its snacks. After that, Velcro on the shirt, and make sure its on nice and tight, like a warm hug for a dog. It doesnt work immediately; it might take 10 minutes or so for the dog to calm down. So comfort her in the meantime: Pet her, talk to her, tell her shes beautiful and her ears are the softest ears around. Eventually, she will chill out. Ladybird usually does! After some frantic running around, shell lay down by my bed and just sit and lick her little paws until she falls asleep. Sponsored Its easy to forget how sensitive dogs ears are: Fireworks probably sound like the world is ending, and dogs cant exactly tell the difference between fun fireworks and scary explosions. The Fourth of July, for obvious reasons, is the Super Bowl of anxiety-jacket usage, this year mostly thanks to the assholes in my neighborhood who were setting off explosives until well past four in the morning. I was honestly having trouble with the noise, too. If youre new-product-averse, a tight T-shirt might give you much the same effect, but this is the best solution Ive found. (Added bonus: Ladybird looks cute as hell in it.) Before the era of the ThunderShirt descended upon my home, if it started storming in the middle of the night, Ladybird would wake me up, scratching and wining at my door.

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